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Vintage Knitting and Crochet Patterns

from the 1918 book -

Handbook of Wool Knitting & Crochet


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Published by
Needlecraft Publishing Company
Augusta, Maine

Part I - Knitting Patterns

All of the Knitting Patterns from this book are available in their entirety, free, here at KnitHeaven:

Part II - Knitting for the Red Cross Patterns

Using official Red Cross photographs to illustrate, All of the Knitting for the Red Cross Patterns from this book are available for free, in their entirety, at KnitYourBit:

  1. A Lesson in Knitting

  2. Sleeveless Sweater

  3. Washcloth

  4. Service Sock

  5. One-Piece Helmet

  6. Muffler

  7. Hot water bottle cover

  8. Helmet made in two parts

  9. Thumbless Mitt or Wristlet

  10. Bed Sock

    (Yarn used for the above Knitting for the Red Cross patterns was Knitting-Worsted - in Regulation Blue, Gray and Khaki .)

Part III - Crochet Patterns

All of the Crochet Patterns from this book are available in their entirety, free, at Crochet Hub:

  1. A Lesson in Crochet Stitches (This is a good reference for the patterns below - gives explanation of terms and stitches:)

  2. Lady’s Crochet Jacket

  3. Lady’s Tam-’o-Shanter

  4. Lady’s Sleeveless Jacket or Hug me tight

  5. Child’s Coat Sweater

  6. Child’s Jacket

  7. Girl’s Jacket

  8. Baby’s Jacket

  9. Baby’s Shoes

  10. Sweater and Cap for a doll

  11. Baby Booties - (a) Girl’s (b) Boy’s

  12. Ribbed House Slippers (Ladies)

  13. Child’s Cap (3 years or older) in Bean Stitch

  14. Child’s Hood (with rosette)

  15. Child’s Hood in Wedge Stitch

  16. Child’s (girl 10-14 yrs old) Toque (cap) in Wedge Stitch


End of patterns from Handbook of Wool Knitting and Crochet, 1918, published by Needlecraft Publishing Company, Augusta, ME.



Final pages of Handbook of Wool Knitting and Crochet, 1918

N EEDLECRAFT pictures each month new and beautiful pieces of needlework—knitting, crochet, including the exclusive Mary Card designs, cross-stitch, embroidery, etc. Such complete and accurate directions and descriptions are given that any woman can make the articles for herself without further instructions. It explains the stitch to use and shows how to make it.

NEEDLECRAFT will supply you at moderate cost with transfer-patterns, perforated patterns, or stamped goods for every piece of embroidery shown. Also many working charts for Crochet and Cross-Stitch Designs.

NEEDLECRAFT will show you the latest productions in fashions and will furnish you with the best perfect-fitting, seam-allowing patterns. From these patterns it is easy to make garments for yourself that will look like the pictures.

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NEEDLECRAFT is printed on large presses made expressly for it and uses the best of new type for each issue. The paper stock has a high finish in order to bring out clearly all the details of the fashion and fancy-work illustrations. The beautifully colored covers are of exclusive design—a very artistic border with the center panel showing a new piece of needlework each month. Like NEEDLECRAFT itself, the covers are different and practical.

A sample copy will be sent you free and postpaid. Just write your name and address on a postcard and you will receive a copy by return mail; or, better still, send us 35 cents and receive the next twelve issues. You are sure to find those very patterns and designs that you have been looking for. If you are not more than pleased with NEEDLECRAFT after reading the first number, tell us so and we will cancel your subscription and return your money.


How To Secure Your Yarn Without Cost

The women of America are knitting as never before. In the social set, no gathering can be fashionable that does not tolerate knitting; the business woman must needs knit on the car to and from her work; while to the busy housewife no duty is so imperative as to exclude knitting from the daily routine. It almost seems as if the women of America—all women, rich and poor alike—were devoting their united efforts to one vast universal consecration—the comfort of our boys over there.

There is just one drawback to the fulfilment of this noble ambition that every woman in America shall devote every spare moment to the knitting of warm sweaters, stockings, and other comforts for the boys in khaki, and that is—the tremendously high price of worsted yarns. We can all squeeze out a little more time but we can none of us spend more money than we have, and in these times the calls for cash donations are urgent and not infrequent. But now you can have all the yarn that you will use without spending any money. A little more time is now the only essential to your doing your bit for the comfort of those who are offering their all for our safety. You who have been unable to knit as much as you have wanted to, because you have lacked the means to do with, need feel that drawback no longer. Needlecraft has provided

An assured supply of Knitting-Worsted in the Regulation Blue, Gray and Khaki which you can secure without cost by getting subscriptions to Needlecraft on the following liberal terms:

Send us only 10 yearly subscriptions to Needlecraft at our regular subscription-price of 35 cents each, and we will send each subscriber this paper one year, and we will send you, prepaid, one one-quarter-pound skein of Knitting-Worsted (Premium No. 6395). (We reserve the right to provide an equal weight in balls instead of skeins if necessary.)

NOTE—To those who prefer Knitting-Worsted of some other color for a lady's sweater or any purpose whatever, we will provide it on the same liberal terms; or if you prefer finer yarns we will provide Germantown Zephyr at four subscriptions a skein (Premium No. 6396), and Shetland Floss at three subscriptions a skein (Premium No. 6397).



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