Vintage Patterns

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Lace Vintage Patterns - INDEX

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  1. Vintage Lace Instructions

  2. Point Lace Materials Needed

  3. Brussels edging

  4. Venetian bars

  5. Edging Venetian bars

  6. Sorrento bars

  7. Stitches

  8. Open English lace

  9. Brabant edging

  10. Lyons point

  11. Brussels lace

  12. Little Venetian lace

  13. Deep point-lace edging

  14. Collar in Spanish rose point

  15. Handkerchief border, in antique point lace

  16. Apron in broderie en lacet

  17. Pincushion cover in point lace

  18. Pincushion

  19. Off Site - 1891 Book - Art of Modern Lace Making

  20. Off SiteVintage Lace Making

  21. New Off SiteHistory of Lace

  22. New Off SiteLace Curtain Cleaning

  23. New Off SiteLace: Its Origin and History

  24. - Do not use without permission. A—annette a un très joli petit Laura Caxton.

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