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Scarf in Lattice-Stitch

Scarf in Lattice-Stitch Scarf in Lattice-Stitch


(from Handbook of Wool Knitting and Crochet, 1918)

(Explanation of terms and stitches used)

Using Shetland floss and No. 4 bone needles, cast on as many stitches as required for width of scarf, using a multiple of 6 with 2 over.

Knit back and forth 6 times.

7. Knit 1, over 3 times; repeat, knitting last stitch.

8. Knit 1, draw up the loop about one inch in length, (drop the "overs," and slip the knitted stitch) 6 times, slip the 6 long stitches to left-hand needle, draw the last 3 over 1st 3, knitting each, then knit the 1st 3, and repeat, knitting 1 at end of row. Take care the long stitches are not twisted.

9. 10, 11. Knit plain.

Repeat from 7th row.

Gather up the ends of the scarf and finish with cord and tassel, or a bow of ribbon, as preferred.


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