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  1. Introduction.
  2. Tapestry.
  3. Materials in General.
  4. Wool.
  5. Silk.
  6. Gold and Silver.
  7. Chenille, Braid, etc.
  8. Canvas.
  9. Berlin Patterns.
  10. Implements.
  11. Drawing Patterns for Embroidery, Braiding, etc.
  12. Framing Work.
  13. Embroidery.
  14. Stitches.
  15. Canvas Work.
  16. Braiding and Appliqué.
  17. Bead Work.
  18. Crochet.
  19. Knitting.
  20. Netting.
  21. Needlework of the English Queens and Princesses.
  22. "The Praise of the Needle."



  • "One of Mr. Murray's series of Handbooks, which seem destined to embrace all the arts of life as well as all the sights in the world. Miss Lambert's[ii] treatise is one of practical utility, its information being the product of experience: after sketching the history of needlework, it proceeds to describe the various kinds of materials used, such as wool, silk, gold thread, beads, &c.; the canvas, patterns, frames, and implements, required; the different kinds of stitches; the mode of working certain patterns and shapes; the processes of embroidery, knitting, and netting. The volume is very handsomely got up, and illustrated profusely with wood-cuts; nothing seems wanting to its completeness."—Spectator.


  • "We venture to recommend it as containing a great deal of practical information respecting embroidery, frame work, knitting, netting, braiding, bead work, and other profound mysteries, of which we, of the uglier sex, know nothing.... We soon became interested in the historical portion, which is gracefully and well written—so that the work is a good book, instructive when the party consulting it desires instruction, and amusing whenever she is weary of work. Miss Lambert observes in her Preface, that she has endeavoured, and we will add successfully, 'to embrace those subjects which appeared most worthy of notice in a Treatise on Decorative Needlework, and by combining a brief historical sketch, with a detailed account of the practice of each department, to render them more generally interesting than a mere manual of directions and examples.'"—Athenæum.


  • "This is the most curious, complete, and erudite treatise on the art of needlework that has, probably, ever been compiled.... The variety, fulness, and systematic arrangement of the book, not to say one word about its numerous engravings, and the remarkably elegant style in which it is 'gotten up,' demand unmixed applause."—Atlas.


  • "A very elegant and useful work. The directions how to ply the needle are plain and easy of comprehension, and the plates which accompany the letterpress and illustrate the designs, will be found of great assistance to the ready acquirement of the art and its numerous principles. The ample instructions for drawing patterns, purchasing implements, framing, and properly finishing work, will be found not the least available portion of the book."—Literary Gazette.


  • "An eminently practical work; clear in its explanation, precise in its directions, natural in its arrangements. The style is simple and easy; the collateral information abundant. Its value is enhanced by historical notices,[iii] which have been prepared with judgment and knowledge, and are not disfigured by the slightest affectation."—Polytechnic Review.


  • "The first edition of Miss Lambert's 'Hand-book' has been entirely sold off, a better proof of its excellence than aught we could say in its behalf; and a second edition has just appeared with an embossed cover, which will render it an ornament to the drawing-room table, as well as an object of utility from the nature of its contents. To this edition several new patterns and engravings have been added, and additional directions for crochet, knitting, netting, &c."—Morning Post.


  • "The authoress seems to be thoroughly mistress of her craft, and has produced not only a very instructive, but a very amusing volume upon a branch of the fine arts now become again so fashionable.... A more elegant or entertaining volume can scarcely be found on a drawing-room table."—Globe.


  • "This is a pleasant book, a good book, and a book worthy to be bought by mothers and daughters, and studied, con amore, in quiet parlours and snug nurseries. It is well produced. Its knowledge is practical, as a few extracts, which may be of advantage to our readers, will best show."—Pictorial Times.


  • "Replete with excellent practical information, clear and concise rules for acquiring a knowledge of all the varied branches of the art, illustrated by a series of beautifully executed designs, representing implements, patterns, material, and numerous articles of modern fancy-work, eminently calculated to initiate the unlearned (aye, and learned too) in all the mysteries of tent-stitch, embroideries, braid, appliqué, bead, chenille, canvas, and Berlin work, &c. In short, the work justifies its title; it possesses an elegant exterior, and we prognosticate that few ladies will willingly dispense with so much silent instruction."—Sunday Times.


  • "The pretty volume now before us, has been compiled with exceeding care, and strict attention to the most minute details; all is well-arranged.... The illustrations are a valuable addition to the interest and information of a volume which deserves a place on the table of every lady."—Art Union.


  • "A new and carefully revised edition of this very elegant work is here presented to us, and we do not hesitate to assure our fair readers, that they will find it highly deserving of a place on the boudoir and drawing-room tables. The volume, we should premise, is exclusively devoted to ornamental[iv] needlework, and will be found as interesting as it is useful, for, in addition to very clear and accurate instructions for acquiring a proficiency in every branch of the art, it contains an historical notice of its cultivation from the earliest ages."—Court Journal.


  • "This 'Hand-book' cannot fail to assist the best taste; utile et dulce have been carefully blended, and the descriptive letter-press has evidently been given by a well-informed mind."—Court Gazette.


  • "This elegantly printed volume contains a complete encyclopædia of information for the fair votaries of the needle. The various mysteries of tapestry work, embroidery-work, and so forth, are fully laid open, with a clearness of statement, and completeness of direction, which leave nothing to desire."—Illustrated London News.


Richards, Printer, 100, St. Martin's Lane.

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