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Lace.—This imitation is used as an elegant finish for carriage bags, sofa pillows, &c.; and also for ladies’ work bags, to which it is both ornamental and becoming.

Princess Royal.—This pattern is especially proper for bags or small stands.

Point Stitch, is well adapted for working covers for hassocks, as well as for bags of a considerable size.

Basket Stitch.—This kind of work is very elegant for flower, fruit, or work baskets; or any other of an ornamental character.

German Pattern, is well adapted for slippers, as, when worked, it is found to be very durable, and its appearance peculiarly fits it for this application.

Embroidery, is of almost universal application: that with chenille is much used in the ornamental parts of dress, and is productive of a most pleasing effect. Embroidery in wool is also much in use for the same purpose.

Rug Borderings.—These may be considered as articles of domestic economy; and besides the pleasure which arises from seeing the parlor, or the side-board, adorned with the elegant productions of a daughter, or a sister, this kind of work is at all times,[89] when properly executed, superior, considered merely as work, far superior to any similar productions emanating from the loom.

Gentlemen’s Waistcoats and Braces.—By being able to perform this kind of work, it is at all times in the power of the fair sex to offer an elegant present to a father, husband, or brother, and thus to increase the hallowed pleasures of the domestic circle. This reason is amply sufficient to induce our lovely countrywomen to cultivate this department of fancy needlework.

Wire Work.—This is a lovely material for baskets, and various kinds of ornamental fabrications.

Working Figures.—This delightful application of the needle may be rendered subservient to numerous useful and interesting purposes. By it the sister arts of painting and design may be materially promoted: the scenes of former days may be delineated on the historic canvas, or the portrait of a departed friend may be placed before us, as when blooming in all the living lustre of angelic loveliness. Let this portion of the art be especially and assiduously cultivated.

Armorial Bearings.—These are proper for screens, and may be made of a high moral utility, by exciting in the minds of the young, an ardent desire to become acquainted with the events of history, and with the actions and principles of former times.

Mosaic Work, and Perforated Card.—These are used for note books, ornamental card cases, hand screens, book marks and a variety of other useful purposes.

Braid Work.—The application of this kind of work is well known, and is so general, that no particular cases need be pointed out.

Applique.—This is very elegant, as employed for table covers,[90] sofas, chairs, &c.; indeed it always looks pretty, and to whatever it is applied it has a pleasing effect.

Star Patterns, are proper for sofa cushions, bottle stands, or any piece of work that is small.

Medallion Pattern.—Where the work is coarse, or large, these may be introduced with good effect; but especial attention must be paid to a proper combination of colors and shades.

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