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Free Vintage Netting Pattern:

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343 & 344.-- Two Netted Nightcaps.

Material: Messrs. Walter Evans and Co.'s crochet cotton No. 12.

This cap is netted with crochet cotton over a mesh measuring three-quarters of an inch round; work first a long square for the centre of the crown, cast on 28 stitches, and work backwards and forwards 27 rows with the same number of stitches. Then work 34 rounds round this square, and fasten the cotton. Then count 43 stitches for the front border, and 24 stitches for the back border, and leave them for the edge of the cap. On the remaining stitches on each side work the strings in 95 rows backwards and forwards on the same number of stitches; each string is pointed off at the lower end by decreasing 1 stitch in every row. Sew in a narrow piece of tape in the back border of the cap; the remaining part of the border, as well as the strings, are trimmed with crochet lace or with netted edging, No. 311.

Netted Nightcap.

344.--Netted Nightcap.

Material: Messrs. Walter Evans and Co.'s knitting cotton, 3-thread, No. 30.

-Netted Nightcap.

This nightcap is very simple and practical. It consists of two similar three-cornered pieces, sewn together so as to form a double triangle; the point of the triangle is turned back, as seen in illustration, and fastened on the lower half of the same. The cap is edged with a lace; a similar lace covers the seam between both parts of the cap. The pattern is worked with crochet cotton over a mesh measuring three-quarters of an inch round. Begin each half in the corner; cast on 2 stitches, and work backwards and forwards, increasing 1 stitch at the end of every row, till the number of stitches is 60. Then sew both halves together, and trim the cap and strings (the latter are worked as on the cap No. 343) with the following lace: work 2 rows of open-work treble stitches--the treble stitches are divided by 1 chain--then work 1 row of double, always working 4 double round the chain stitches which divide 2 treble in the preceding row, or with netted edging No. 311.

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