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Free Vintage Knitting Pattern:

All care has been given to present this pattern in the original form. KnitHeaven is not responsible for errors.


MATERIALS..—12 shades of amber, 7 shades of lilac, 4 shades of green. 4 Skeins of each colour. 5 Steel Needles, No. 14. Cardboard foundation, covered with white or amber cambric, 8 inches in diameter.

FOR THE MAT.—Knit 4 rounds of each shade of amber, beginning with the lightest. Cast on 2 stitches on each of 4 needles; bring the wool forward, knit half the stitches on the first needle; t. f. and k. [Footnote: K. means knit; k. 2+ knit two together; p. purl; t. f. thread forward.] the other half; repeat the same on each of the other 3 needles; k. the next round plain; repeat these two rounds until there are 48 stitches on each needle; then cast off, and sew this on the covered cardboard foundation.

FOR THE TULIPS.—5 tulips to be knitted in 7 shades of amber, and 5 in 7 shades of lilac; 4 rounds to be knitted of each shade; 4 needles. Cast on 2 stitches on each of 3 needles; t.f. at the commencement of each needle; k. 1 plain round; purl a round, increasing at commencement of each needle. Repeat these two rounds till there are 22 stitches on each of the three needles; then first k. 3, k. 2+, k. 1, k. 2+, k. 3; turn the work back, and purl the stitches.



3rd: K. 2, k. 2+, k. 1, k. 2+, k. 2.

4th: Turn back and purl.

5th: K. 2, k. 2+, k. 1, k. 2+, k 2.

6th: Turn back and purl.

7th: K. 1, k. 3+, k. 1.

8th: Purl.

9th: K. 3+.

20 tulips will be required.

THE LEAVES (10 of which will be necessary).—4 shades of green, 12 rows of each; 2 needles.

Cast on 3 stitches; k. plain, till before the centre stitch; t.f. and k. the centre stitch; t.f., k. the remainder plain; p. the next row; repeat these 2 rows, till there are 12 open stitches up the vein of the leaf; then k. 1, k. 2+, k. plain, till 2 from the centre stitch; then k. 2+, t.f., k. 1, t.f., k. 2+, k. plain, till 3 from the end; then k. 2+, k. 1; p. the next row; repeat till there are 8 more open stitches, that is, 20 from the beginning; then k. 2+ at the beginning and end of every other row, till the last ends in a point. Now sew the leaves round the mat by the part where the stem should be; then sew the tulips on as in engraving, sewing the leaf about 6 rows from the point on the stem of the tulip.

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