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Free Vintage Crochet Pattern:

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Materials—10 pieces of fine black crochet silk; 2 bundles of No. 6 steel beads; Penelope crochet No. 3.

Make a chain of 84 stitches; work 1 row in plain-stitch crochet.—

2d row. 2 edge-stitches, 1 bead-stitch, 1 plain to the end of row.—

3d row. Plain.—

4th row. Same as 2d row.—

5th, 6th, and 7th rows. Plain.—

8th row. 4 plain, 4 bead to the end of row.—

9th, 10th, and 11th rows. As 8th row.—

13th, 14th, and 15th rows. Plain.—

16th row. 1 plain-stitch, 1 bead-stitch to the end of row.—

17th row. Plain.

This completes the band for the arm, which must be worked on one side, detaching the silk at the end of each row. Work 4 rows in chain-stitch open crochet, making 7 loops in each chain, and missing 4 stitches in working the first row, join and work in rounds; work 2 rounds, then divide the mit in half, and leave a space for the thumb; the silk must be detached at the end of the row. Work to the centre of the back of hand, make 3 chain-stitches, pass down a bead in making the next 3 chain-stitches, crochet to the centre stitch of chain of last row; then work 3 stitches, passing down a bead at each stitch, then 3 chain-stitches; work to the end of row. Work 6 rows, increasing the number of bead-stitches by commencing at the preceding chain-stitch; then work 6 rows, decreasing as seen in illustration; the last 3 of these must be worked in rounds instead of rows; work 3 rounds in chain-stitches of 7 as before, then a round of chain-loops in each chain. Work one-half plain for the inner part of the hand, then 1 bead, 1 plain. Next round plain. Work 3 rows thus on the back of the hand; 3 bead-stitches, 3 plain stitches. Next round plain; then 1 bead-stitch, 1 plain as before, and finish with a plain round. Now work the thumb as follows:—Work a chain of 7, missing every third stitch; repeat three times, then work 5 rounds, decreasing in each round by passing the loop through the centre stitches of two of the chains; work 3 rounds without decreasing, and finish with 3 rounds of close double crochet, making every alternate stitch of the centre round a bead-stitch. Work a loop on the band, and fasten with a button.

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