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Free Vintage Crochet Pattern:

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Flowers for the Border.—The following is the mode of working this pattern:—Make 28 chain. Turn. Miss 17, 1 plain, 1 chain, 1 long, 2 chain. Continue to work 1 long and 2 chain all round the flower.—

2d round. 3 plain under every 2 chain; 4 plain in the stem. Fasten off for the leaf.

12 chain. Turn. Miss 2; 7 long stitches in 7 following chain, 1 plain; 1 chain to cross the stem; 3 long, 1 plain in the same chain as last long; 3 long, 1 plain, 5 long to turn the point; 1 plain, 3 long, 1 plain twice; 7 plain in stem. Fasten off. The second flower, worked as the first, is united to it by working the eighth plain stitch of the last round of the flowers into a stitch the same distance from the stem of the first flower. To turn the corners of the collar, work a flower without a leaf. Continue these flowers the length of the collar.

Leaves and Flowers for the Centre:—

First leaf. 31 chain. Turn. Insert the needle into the nineteenth chain; 1 plain, 1 chain to cross the stem; 3 long into three following chain; 2 long in 1 chain, 4 long, 2 long in 1 chain; 3 long to turn the points. Then down the other side of the leaf the same. 4 plain in the stem; 1 chain to cross the stem.—

Second leaf. 21 chain, and work as first leaf. When finished, work 4 plain down the stem.—

Third leaf. 13 chain. Turn. Miss 1, 1 plain, 7 long, 1 plain.—

The flower. 17 chain. Turn. Insert the needle in the tenth chain to form a loop; work 15 plain stitches in the loop.—

1st round. 6 chain, miss 2, 1 plain five times.—

2d round. 7 plain stitches in every 6 chain.—

3d round. 3 chain, miss 1, 1 plain; repeat. 17 plain in the stem. Fasten off for the band.

Work a chain the length of the collar.—

1st row. Plain.—

2d row. 1 plain, 2 long, 3 double long, 2 long, 1 plain; repeat. Directions for making up the collar.—After the leaves, flowers, band, and border are worked, cut the shape of the collar in pink or blue paper; gum a piece of holland at the back of the paper, to prevent its tearing; tack the border on the paper pattern, the right side downwards; then sew on the sprigs as in the engraving. Sew the edges of the leaves and flowers nicely, to prevent their turning up; then, with a sewing-needle and fine cotton, unite the flowers, leaves, and borders, by passing the needle from one part of a leaf or flower to another four or five times; then pass the needle under the bars formed six or eight times, according to the length of the bar; pass the needle to another part, and continue to connect the work in this manner throughout the collar.

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