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Free Vintage Crochet Pattern:

All care has been given to present this pattern in the original form. KnitHeaven is not responsible for errors.


Materials—Scarlet and green shaded eight-thread Berlin wool; Penelope crochet needle No. 1.

With scarlet make a chain of 9 stitches, join and work a round in double crochet, increasing in every stitch.—

3d round. 1 long, 3 chain, miss 2 all round.—

4th round. 1 long in the centre stitch of chain, 4 chain; repeat all round.—

5th round. Double crochet.—

6th round. 3 long, the centre one above the 1 long in 3d round, 4 chain; repeat all round.—

7th round. 4 long worked in the 4 chain stitches, 4 chain; repeat all round.—

8th round. Double crochet.—

9th round. 4 long worked over the chain stitches, 6 chain; repeat.—

10th round. 1 stitch of solid long stitch in every loop.—

11th round (with the green wool). 1 long, 5 chain, miss 2; repeat.—

12th round. 1 long, 5 chain, miss 1; repeat.—

13th round. Chain of 7 stitches, worked in every third stitch with a plain stitch.—

14th and three following rounds. Chain of 9 stitches, worked in the centre stitch of chain of previous round.—

18th round. 3 chain, 1 plain, taking the centre chain-stitch of every 5th chain of 9; repeat all round, and this completes the mat.

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