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Free Vintage Crochet Pattern:

All care has been given to present this pattern in the original form. KnitHeaven is not responsible for errors. 


Materials—Drab crochet-thread, two shades of narrow blue satin ribbon, cord and tassels to correspond with the ribbon; a piece of blue and a piece of white silk as a lining

Make a chain of 130 stitches.—

1st row. Double crochet.—

2d row. 3 chain, 3 long.—

3d row. 3 long worked in the 3 chain, 3 chain; repeat.—

4th and two following rows. 1 long, 3 chain.—

7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th rows. Like the 2d and 3d; repeat from the 3d row twice, and finish with 3 rows, 3 long, 3 chain, miss 3. Crochet the sides together, work a row of double-long stitches around the top, in which to insert the cord, and finish with a row of double crochet. Pass the ribbon through the rows of 3 chain, 3 long, placing the lightest in the centre strip, as will be seen by referring to illustration. Make a double lining with the silk; place the white next the reticule, and the blue inside, and finish with cord and tassels.



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