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Free Vintage Crochet Pattern:

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Materials—Raworth's crochet-thread No. 30, or three shades of rose and one of drab crochet-thread

If the coloured threads are used, commence with the lightest pink, and make a chain of 30 stitches; work on each side and in the end of this in close double crochet, increasing by making three stitches in the end-stitches.—

2d round. 1 long, 2 chain, miss 2, except at the three end-stitches, when none must be missed.—

3d round. 1 long in the 1 long of last round, 2 chain; increase at the ends by working 1 long in the alternate chain-stitches.—

4th round (with the second shade). 5 single, 11 chain, miss 7; repeat all round.—

5th round. Work a stitch of double crochet in each of the chain-stitches, and in the first two of the single of last round, 5 chain, unite to the single in the ring which this forms; work 1 single, 3 chain, 2 long, 3 chain, 2 long, 1 double long, 2 long, 3 chain, 2 long, 3 chain, 1 single, work 2 double in the 2 single; repeat all round.—

6th round (with the darkest shade). 1 single in the centre of the 11 chain-stitches, 9 chain, 1 single in double long, 9 chain; repeat.—

7th round. Double crochet in every stitch of last round.

For the Forget-me-nots.—With drab make a chain of 6 stitches, unite, and into this ring work 3 long stitches, 3 chain-stitches; repeat four times more. Make a chain of 5 stitches for the stem, and fasten off.

For the Leaves.—Make a chain of 15 stitches, work 11 double crochet down this chain, pass the thread under the stalk, and draw it through the 12 stitch on the opposite side. Work 1 long stitch into each of the next 3 loops; 4 chain-stitches, (a) 1 single crochet into the next loop; 1 long stitch into the following loop; 2 double long into the next; 1 treble long into the next; 2 double long, 1 single long, 4 chain; repeat from (a) to the 1 treble long, which brings you to the point of leaf. Work on the reverse side 2 double long, 1 long, 1 single, (a) 4 chain, 1 single, 2 double long, 1 long, 1 single; repeat from (a), and finish by working down the stem. 27 forget-me-nots and 12 leaves will be required. Cut a paper pattern the size and shape required; tack the centre of serviette to this, the right side to the paper, arrange the leaves and flowers as indicated in illustration; work stems for the flowers in chain-stitch, and to this attach each flower; work between the flowers and the leaves in button-hole stitch, and sew the leaves and flowers to the centre.

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