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  here i sit, here i knit, i'll smile after i finish this stitch:) ..... sitting, sharing, knit chit/chating, yay! i'm in knitheaven



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KnitHeaven Knitting/Craft Rings  Here's ani who first greeted me when I found KnitHeaven. So cute, just knitting away. I like her as the symbol for KnitHeaven's Knitting Rings Page


I wasn't too familiar with rings until I bought this site. They are pretty neat because they send you to other really neat sites, where everyone has a common this case, knitting:). 


The Knitting Path is a Ring I started and I'm excited to say that there are presently over 145 sites (as of November, 2007) on the Knitting Path!! ~  Come, follow the path ~Add your site today!

The Knitting Ring
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If you've gotten here by way of The Knitting Ring,  Blogs Group Two, or Yarn Snob Rules...
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....then.... Welcome to KnitHeaven!



Stay awhile, look around, We're glad you're here!



I am definitely open to adding more rings, So.....If you have a ring that you would like me to place here that is relevant to knitting, please submit your request to: rings [at] knitheaven [dot] com







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